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Canine Neurology is a...

resource for pet parents and veterinarians on canine cognitive health, with a particular focus on canine epilepsy and cognitive decline. 

We collaborate with leading neurologists, academics, and our veterinary colleagues worldwide to provide clinical resources to vets and provide pet parents with accessible, practical tools to improve their dog's cognitive health. 

Ultimately, through education and appropriate adjustments done in consultation with expert veterinary advice, we can hope to improve the quality of life for dogs and their owners.

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Meet The Team

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Dr Sean Hughes


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Chief Scientific Officer

I am a biochemist by training and my 2015 PhD thesis laid the foundation for what is now understood about MCTs as an adjunct therapy for neurological disease in relation to their effect on neuronal mitochondrial function.  As Cascade’s Chief Scientific Officer, it’s a privilege to put this work into practice and work alongside fellow scientists, the veterinary community, and my team to formulate optimised, evidence-based Neuro-Dietetics.  I am also based in the UK, happen to be an avid dog lover and a bit of a tennis fanatic.

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Dr Alice Edwards


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Founder, Chief Veterinary Officer

I grew up in a small country town located in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains in regional Australia. It was here that my love and fascination for animals began. After graduating from a BVBio/BVSci at Charles Sturt University, I began and work to this day as a small animal vet. My interest in canine neurological health was sparked by a need to provide my own patients with more integrated and complementary strategies, in particular for patients with epilepsy and cognitive decline. As a veterinarian, I work with my colleagues and academics around the world to provide evidence-based tools and information for both my peers and pet owners.

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Tim Gibney


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I work behind the scenes with my colleague Pat to help bring Cascade to life! I grew up in Albury and moved to Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Arts (and with postgrad stints at law and business school) and work in business. I’ve loved combining my skills and my love for animals to make Cascade a reality for pet parents and vets caring for dogs with neurological diseases.

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Pat Burke

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I work with Tim behind the scenes to help execute the visions of Sean and Alice for Cascade. I have a bachelor’s degree in commerce and Juris Doctor in law, and also happen to be a fanatic for Italian greyhounds!

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